Anonymous asked:

Do you think it's bad to have someone take control of someone else during sex? Telling them they've been bad and this is their punishment, that they're a slut, they never really loved them and such. I'm talking totally consensual with aftercare afterwords? Or does that fall into the category with pretending to be a little girl and stuff?

congalineofdurin answered:

Within the parameters that it is 1.) absolutely and at every step consensual, 2.) done correctly and with proper care and preparation, and 3.) followed by good aftercare, no, that’s not bad at all. In fact I really like dom/sub stuff, and have enjoyed it from both sides. (although admittedly I sub more than dom, because my dominatrix side is a little hardcore for most casual kinksters)

The only part of that I don’t like is someone saying they’ve never loved me, because that phrase has been said to me in real life and it’s enormously emotionally triggering, so I’d immediately say the safeword on that one.

When I say little girl stuff, I’m talking where the person is question is legitimately fetishizing girls below age 15-16 and wanting me to reflect that. I’m a very petite person with a juvenile sounding voice and I tend to pass for younger than I am, and occasionally the wrong sort is drawn to that. 



"If I perform this emergency abortion I’m a murderer!!!"

No, bro. You’re a murderer if you let your pregnant patient die in your office because you refused them an emergency abortion.

As a medical professional, let me say this: If you will not put your patient first—if you will not perform life saving medical care because of your own beliefs—stay the fuck out of the field.

We have enough abusive and ableist people in the field as it is.